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Reasons for the appearance of traceability solution and its importance in international

In the past, the food industry shared objectively about food scandals that happen around the globe. The reported food problems are not always related to the microorganisms in the food, but most of the problems come from innovation, environmental pollution, or changes in farming methods. Dirty food is rampant around the world  Food coloring incidents…

Recalling product with Traceability

The Codex Alimentarius Commission defined “Traceability” is the ability to track the movement of food through stages of production, processing, and distribution. Traceability is used as a means to control food hazards, provide reliable product information, and ensure product authenticity. The importance of product recall I have a close example like this: You posted an…

Why traceability play an important role in food industry

Traceability is extremely important for food safety as well as affecting the performance of businesses. The primary role of traceability in the food industry is to sequence all the stages from the time of harvesting raw materials until food are consumed on the dining table. Basically, traceability helps integrate all production information having in the…

TraceVerified Introduction

TraceVerified is a leading provider of solutions and traceability services in Vietnam. It is being funded from GCF (Denmark) and Dr. Heiner Lehr, an international expert on electronic traceability in Europe, in 2011 Traceverified developed a software to provide electronic traceability solutions and services. The project was initiated by Agre’re’ Nguyen Thi Hong Minh, who…

Recruitment – Business analyst

TraceVerified (www.traceverified.com) and Partner – Association of Food Transparency (AFT), provide internet connectivity solutions and tools for food traceability and farm management software, supply chain management. We are looking for candidates for Business Analyst (BA) positions to support IT Technical team and Sale team, who are passionate about agricultural support to join the team in…