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Tracechain – Supply chain management app

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TraceChain is a software on smartphones and computer monitor and manage supply chain more effectively, bringing high value to businesses, customers and suppliers.

All stages in your supply chain can be managed on your phone or computer: Product sources (farms, traders, growers) – warehouses – transportation –  products.

What is the benefit?

Product supplier

– There are many suppliers of products in many different places. TraceChain can manage supplies quickly and conveniently.

– Management of all products supplies: farm businesses, farm households, trader collects products.

– Manage the quantity of products, amount paid for each supplier. Trace to each product from each supplier.

– Product quality control.

Product warehouse management

– Control the products imported: How much is imported, which supplier to import the product,..

– Control the products exported: How much is exported, Where to exported, when to exported,…

– Inventory: inventory, inventory amount, total value of inventory,…

=> Help businesses have a more general view in real time, better inventory control to plan ex-warehousing and import products properly.

Control, internal links

– Parts in the supply chain can be linked together via the Tracechain app on the smartphone.

– Managers can control and manage the supply chain via smartphone.

– Help managers plan and assign tasks to employees

– Statistics, automatic reports

Traceability of products

– Traceability of products on TraceVerified system – The best of Traceability in Vietnam


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