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Electronic Traceability

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“Traceability” is an internationally recognised methodology to collect and transport information about the foods we consume. It serves to document the origin of a food item, whose hands it has gone through, and what has been done to keep it fresh, safe and of high quality. Traceability also is a legal requirement in most importing blocks.

Vietnamese food producers have understood early on the many advantages that traceability brings. Most processors currently run their own, paper-based traceability system.

The time has come to move safety into the digital world. Fast, easy to digest, and yet complete information is expected, right on the spot, be it in distribution, at borders, or at the reception bay of an importer. Moreover, it should be accessible at the desk before goods arrive at destinations, through barcode readers at reception bays, or via tablets and mobile devices, for optimal quality control.

TraceVerified has the unique capability to adapt to the latest requirements for traceability. But TraceVerified is not only a data repository like other offerings. TraceVerified is different in that traceability data is checked to ensure compliance with the principles of the system. We ensure that information transmitted in the system is also verified. We verify information as it flows through the supply chain. We have developed a robust, proprietary system, and we also maintain a fully equipped Testing Laboratory to ensure quality of the data in the entire TraceVerified sytem.

TraceVerified helps suppliers collect and transport information to customers or receive information from them. It uses consistently the latest secure internet technology, and provides immediate access to data, even before shipment of goods. TraceVerified is currently available for shrimp, vegetables, fruits, and the pangasius chain.

The TraceVerified TraceReport

View live TraceReports online now, by clicking here or anywhere on the image shown above.

The TraceReport is the first product on the market from TraceVerified. TraceReports collect a comprehensive range of information into one electronic report. TraceReports contain verified traceability information, so users can rely on the information and benefit from complete value-chain transparency.

The TraceReport is accessible through any mobile device with internet access and a camera. Scan the code attached to a participating product, and the report is immediately shown on-screen. TraceReports are used by customs officials to gain insight about the contents of a container, pallet, or carton. TraceReports can be used before allowing goods into reception areas, to check contents against purchase orders and way bills. They can be used by quality control managers to check incoming goods. TraceReports are also used by warehouse workers, to source intelligently. Moreover, gaining in popularity every day, mass consumers demand to know the origin of products; with their mobile device and the TraceReport, for the first time they can get the information they want.

The TraceReport report is available in EPCIS format for virtually limitless IT systems integration.